Thursday, November 10, 2011

Muldoon's Coffeehouse - College Station TX

Before C moved to Dallas, he lived in College Station.  I often visited, and one of the times I was there we discovered Muldoon's Coffeehouse.  It quickly became one of my favorite places for a cup of Joe.  Check out their website by clicking here, they have a wide variety of Fair Trade and organic coffees, and their blended drinks are hard to beat. 
They also have the best seating ever.  Between big comfy chairs and couches, it's great to hang out and enjoy your coffee.
They offered baked goods as well, which I've tried a couple times and haven't been disappointed!
We were visiting Halloween weekend and had to stop for some coffee before heading back to Dallas.  I ordered one of their blended coffees - with raspberry and chocolate flavoring, on ice.  YUM!
C opted for a caramel (Shan, you see that right?)  coffee.  Both were so delicious!
We took our time and relaxed a bit.  I must admit it was hard to get up and leave!!  If you're ever in the College Station, pay them a visit, you won't regret it. 

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