Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Momo Italian Restaurant

This year for Valentine's Day we did a little stuff for me: going out to eat, and a little stuff for C: going out drinking and dancing.  A little of both turned out to be a really fun night.  I was proud to hear that he enjoyed this restaurant as much as I did, which is a huge compliment because C can be hard to impress!  Momo is an authentic Italian restaurant north east of Dallas, and although the exterior isn't much to look at, the inside and food is what counts, and it was awesome.  It's BYOB so we brought our own wine to enjoy.  
After you order they bring out some fresh bread and homemade pesto.  At this point I was getting more and more excited for my entree because everything tasted so fresh!
C ordered the Fettuccine Alla Santalloro and although I was too consumed in my dish to try his, he really enjoyed it.  All of their pasta is homemade, which makes the pasta dishes taste so different and unique.
I ordered the Ravioli de Carne, homemade pasta stuffed with beef, pork, cheese and served in a wine sauce. It was so delicious,  the mushroom cream sauce is to die for!  It was the perfect serving size, and the prices are so reasonable.  Especially because everything is homemade.
Digging in and enjoying our wine!
We ended the night with tiramisu and coffee.  I LOVED this place.  If you live in the Dallas area or are ever visiting and are in the mood for fresh, homemade, reasonably priced and refreshing Italian you won't be disappointed by visiting Momo!

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