Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dallas "Winter"

This is what I wake up to everyday.  Yes, I have Crocs.  No, I don't think they're cute.  I do, however, think they're the most comfortable shoe ever, and they're easy to slip on and take Mia outside.  Unfortunately Mia likes to eat 3 things: Crocs, my hands, and C's hands.  Makes it hard to get them on my feet and out every morning... she's so cute though, I can't stay mad for too long. 
Last year at this time we had a HUGE snow storm.  Look at how different the landscape looks now to how it looked last year.  I'm starting to wonder if this will be Dallas' winter this year.  I'm ok with it; being that we have a new puppy, the nice weather has made it a lot easier for us to take care of her. 
Taking walks in the morning with Mia and my crocs, without socks, is actually really nice.  We both enjoy the weather and sunrise.
Being that I'm from the Midwest, I'm a little concerned if/when Mia does see some snow she'll be a little freaked out.  We'll deal with that when the time comes though, and I'm starting to think it won't be this winter!

Make sure you stop back here tomorrow for a great Super Bowl appetizer!


  1. I once had a puppy that ate my light blue crocs. I was very sad about it! She also ate about 3 other pairs of shoes. Luckily, my recent puppy hasn't destroyed any shoes (fingers crossed!).

  2. Hi Rachel,rub your crocs with ginger ,may help...or with the
    skin of an orange...disadvantage...attracts bees...not fun
    neither...many greetings from Ingrid from Belgium....your mom's
    new cousin