Friday, May 4, 2012

Russo's NY Pizzeria - Richardson, TX

Sometimes C and I dog sit for a friend's dog, Jack.  Jack's Mom pays us in gift certificates to different restaurants around the area.  It's been a great way for C and I to try some new places!  Russo's happens to be right next to where C lives, so it was the perfect place to walk to for a mid-week outing!  Started out with a bottle of red wine.  Olive oil on the table is always a good sign!
We decided to share a few appetizers and an entree, so we could try a few more things without wasting food.  Calamari takes some getting used to, but if it's done right it's so delicious.  It had great batter and cooked to perfection.  They served it with a marinara sauce, but to be honest the sauce wasn't needed!
Also ordered garlic knots.  What else do I need to say here?  These speak for themselves, bread, butter, garlic... heavenly. 
Finally we shared Gemelli Carbanara, which is pasta with a cream sauce, with red onions and garlic topped with prosciutto.  So delicious.  The cream sauce was awesome, and the prosciutto added the perfect flavor.

I really enjoyed this place, they also have nightly specials that really can save you money, and gives you an opportunity to enjoy your meal even more.  I hope to be back very soon!

Have a great weekend everyone, see you on Monday.

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