Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY Flavored Vodka

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to shop, especially for other people, but lately I've been trying to give more personal gifts.  One of my ideas for Christmas presents was flavored vodka.  I bought 4 of these glass  containers from Sur La Table.  They weren't too expensive, only $6 each, and they're really cool looking.  I also bought chalkboard spray, so I could spray paint the bottle and write the flavor on it.
I used grey goose vodka, but you can use whatever vodka you'd like.
I made a couple different kinds, here is the Jalapeno flavor.  I cut up two jalapenos and put them in the bottle and poured the vodka in as well.  Some other flavor ideas are vanilla, or any kind of fruit.
Place in the fridge and let the vodka marinate for about a week.  Take the fruit or vegetable out, and it's ready to try or gift.  I made a couple of these, and tried the jalapeno one for myself.  It's really tasty and a great personalized gift to give someone.

What's your favorite personalized gift to give?


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