Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jorg's Cafe Vienna - Plano, Texas

A couple Friday's ago, Curtis and I decided to finally try Jorg's Cafe.  We had been hearing about it and walking by it for a few months, and it was more than overdue!  I have been to Germany a couple times and will say it definitely got a 5 star for German atmosphere.  You walk in from the streets of Plano, Texas to a German pub and in a matter of seconds it seems you've traveled across the ocean.
It was right about then that we got real into it and ordered a few German beers.  Heavy steins and all.
At the request of C, who complains that I order way too much food and don't finish any of it, we decided to order a few things and share, and it was the perfect amount.  We started by sharing Jorg's sampler, which was about 4 different kinds of sausage with sauerkraut and some awesome mustard for dipping.
We split the Award winning chicken Schnitzel with Mutti's Jager sauce, which was a grilled mushroom cream sauce, and boy was it good.  I wasn't in the mood for pork and am not a huge fan of veal, but was very excited to see they had chicken on the menu.  The waitress gave us her approval, so that's what we went with, and I was very happy we did! 
The meal came with two pieces of chicken, and although thin it was enough for us to split.  It also came with sweet red cabbage and spatzle (egg noodles.)  We cleaned our plates.
Luckily we saved room for dessert... and lucky is the key word.  We ordered the Scheiter Haufen, which is a bread souffle that came with a hot rum creme sauce. Oh. My. God.  It was the best part of the meal, hands down.  We again asked the waitress what her favorite dessert was and she said this one without hesitation, and I was so glad we listened.

Overall, I really enjoyed eating here.  The food was authentic and very tasty, and the service was great.  It's a little pricey, so I think the next time we go we'll be splitting dinner again, but all the same it's worth trying!

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