Monday, December 24, 2012

My Christmas Favorites

Merry Christmas Eve!  I thought I would send out some Christmas love to a few of my favorite bloggers by showing you some of their holiday posts.  Get ready to hear your stomach growl in hunger...
Andes Mint Chocolate covered cookies brought to you by Erin's Food Files.  She always has different, amazing recipes.  Plus, I think she might have the cutest baby in the world and I'm a sucker for cute babies.
Chocolate mint truffle cookies from Love and Olive Oil.  If you don't follow this blog, you need to be.  She posts great photos and creative dishes.  Yum! 
Chocolate (and dairy free) ice-cream brought to you by The Pastry Affair.  This has become one of my favorite websites.  Not only are the recipes and photos amazing, but there are quotes!  And really great quotes at that, she always picks what sounds just right.  
This beautiful picture brought to you by The Italian Dish.  Also makes me, on a daily basis, want to travel to Italy.. or to her house just to watch her in action.

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays - from my blog to yours!

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