Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Black Dog - Martha's Vineyard, MA

Our last stop on Martha's Vineyard before heading back to Boston was lunch at The Black Dog Tavern.  This wasn't a normal tavern, there were multiple buildings, a bakery, a retail shop - quite the well rounded business.  It all started with the tavern though, and after tasting the food I completely understood why it has become so popular.
This was the retail house - they had really cute stuff.  I bought Mia a toy (which has proved to be very durable) and a cook book.  Obviously!
My Mom started with the clam chowder.  I snuck a bite and it was delicious.  Creamy and packed with potatoes and seafood, as a good chowder should be!
I opted for the lobster roll with fries.  The plate was HUGE and could have easily been shared.  I didn't even eat half, but had to get my lobster fix while I could.  I think this is the one dish they're very known for, so if you're a lobster roll fan - dive in.
My Mom chose the summer salad which came with walnuts, chicken, strawberries and balsamic dressing.  It looked so fresh and tasty!

I could have walked around the Black Dog property for a couple hours, they have a lot of different things going on and a lot to browse through.  Plus, I had seen the black dog t-shirts all around the east coast, and now I finally know what it means and where they got it :)

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