Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Euro Deli - Sedona, AZ

After Mia's eventful morning we stopped for lunch on the way back from the vet.  I read good things about Euro Deli and was in the mood for a wrap so it was a good fit.  When we arrived we found beautiful outdoor seating too!  Love surprises like that.
They had a bunch of very unique foods to buy.  Fresh meat that you could purchase by the pound, also what they use for their sandwiches etc.
Homemade salads, and foreign cheese - hello lover.
Many different kinds of jam and jelly from all over the world.  There was a lot to browse around and take in as you waited for your food.
German egg noodles, spaetzle.  Had to really contain myself and not buy everything they had in stock.  I love these noodles.  Reminded me a lot of Jorg's Cafe Vienna in Dallas.
I ordered the chicken Caesar wrap, which came with a homemade sauce and a whole wheat pita wrap.  I really liked how they didn't skimp on the chicken, it was jam packed and very good.
Also ordered a cup of their white bean soup, which was spicy and very good.  Reminded me a lot of a stew, and I enjoyed every bite.

If you're in the Sedona area and are hungry for a great sandwich this is the place to go.  They have many different items on their menu, including brats!  If you go and try one please let me know how it was :)

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