Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend in Sedona Part I

Valentine's day weekend C, Mia and I headed to Sedona for a long weekend.  We rented a guest house a little outside of town and intended to relax, eat and hike.  We did just that with a few last minute changes too!  This was the view from our little house.. so pretty!
Rocking chair by the fire pit, so comfortable and with the best view.
The owner of the property had four dogs and huge pens for them to play in.  She said Mia could take part any time!  Three of the dogs were very nice, one of them did not like Mia.  Here she is playing with one of the friendly ones!
And this is what happens when the unfriendly dog got a little upset.  Mia's nose got scratched.
And her paw pad was ripped.  To the vet we went to get her checked out.  She was a champ, I think we were freaking out more than she was!  What's a weekend getaway with a trip to the doctor or vet, right?!
Like I said, she was fine.  Here she is eating who knows what and exploring as soon as we got back to our house.
We went up one of the mountains to watch the sunset one night and it was so beautiful!
This is one of my favorite pictures, the landscape goes on for forever it seems. 

More pictures to come!

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