Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boone's Long Lake Inn

While visiting Traverse City over the holidays, we tried out a place called Boone's Long Lake Inn.  It was my parents, my friend Ashley, me, a bottle of wine, some steak, and of course, started with bread.  A night can't get better than that!
Ashley ordered the pasta primavera with chicken.  It was a creamy Alfredo sauce with mixed fresh vegetables.  It looked delicious!
I was too busy eating my dinner to try anyone else's!  I got the 6oz filet, cooked medium rare.  Yummmy!
The steaks come with a side, I choose the potato crisps, which were very good.  I will say my only complaint is they didn't have mashed potatoes.  I'm not really a baked potato type girl, so I had to make do, but they were pretty tasty!
Also got a side of their mushroom sauce to smoother on my steak.  I love mushrooms more and more, and on a tasty steak you can't ask for much more.
I really enjoyed Boone's, the atmosphere was really friendly and welcoming.  The restaurant is huge, and I'm excited to go back in the summer when they have their large deck open!
For more information on Boone's please click on to their website here.

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