Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ichiban - Sterling Heights, MI

My Mom's birthday is right after Christmas, and the family tries to gather up one more time to celebrate before we all get back to our routines. This year we decided to go to a Japanese hibachi grill called Ichiban in Sterling Heights MI.
My aunt and my Mom looking beautiful :)
Parents, brother and me.
We ordered a couple sushi rolls to start.  They were very tasty, but there was so much food coming we really didn't need it!
Our chef, Ghama, giving us some of their famous "yum,yum sauce."  Tastes just like it sounds, and it was yum yum on everything!
Sit back!
Fried rice, amazing. 
Cooking up the meats and fish.
I ordered the shrimp and steak meal.  The shrimp was served first and tasted great!
The steak was tender and cooked to perfection.  The veggies it came with were perfectly seasoned and great to eat with the steak and shrimp.
The night ended with a dessert including sparkler brought out for my Mom.  She also had to do a little dance, but I was so preoccupied watching her dance in front of the whole restaurant to take pictures.  You're welcome, Mom!
Nothing says Happy Birthday like fried ice cream.
Happy Birthday Mom, so happy we were all able to celebrate one more year with you! 
For more information on Ichiban click here.

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