Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bundy's, Port Aransas

On a recent visit to Port Aransas I was able to try a few different restaurants.  C's parents had been there for a while, so they had found all of the good places, which was awesome!  In case you all didn't know, my big bad life dream is to own my own bakery and cafe.  When C's parents told me about Bundy's, it sounded exactly like what I would want to have, so I was very excited to investigate and try it out.  The decor is cute, nothing fancy and very welcoming.  
The food spoke for itself, which is how it should be!  I was excited to eat before I had even looked at the menu.
After you ordered, instead of giving you a number they gave you a wooden letter.  In our case, it happen to be my initial :)
C's Mom ordered a spinach cheddar croissant.  I was too full from my meal (which you'll understand why as you read on) but it looked delicious.
C stuck with his favorite - cinnamon roll.  I did get a bite of this, and it was delicious!  Frosting was perfect.
I opted for tea, and thought this tea kettle was so cute.  The bottom of it is the actual cup, how clever.
I ordered the stuffed french toast, which was as sweet as a dessert.  Not that I was complaining :)  It was super tasty and the portions were plenty to fill you up.  
Overall I really enjoyed my visit to Bundy's, the food was made with love and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun.  Your check book might get a bit of work out, but if it's a once and while visit - it's totally worth it.

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Rachel,
    Thank you so much for coming to Bundys and I am so happy that you enjoyed your visit....I loved your photos and comments!! People like you make it worth all of the effort that I put into trying to make Bundys exactly what you experienced. Sometimes, like today, when I'm it really worth all the effort??? (Spring Break week was a killer...)I find something so uplifting as this, your post...and it fires me up again....Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of the lovely things about Bundys and your beautiful food photography.....Have a blessed day...Tammy Bundy, owner of Bundys Port Aransas, TX

  2. Thanks for the write up! I was debating where to go for breakfast during our trip and now I know!