Friday, March 23, 2012

Port Aransas Brewing Company

One final restaurant review from my trip to Port Aransas.  For dinner one night we tried out Port Aransas Brewing Company.  They brew all their own beer and are known for their burgers.  C was excited for the beer, I was excited for the burger.  Win, win.
Brewing their beer.. right behind the bar.  Kind of cool to see! 
Interesting tid-bit on their menu.  They actually have their own steers, naturally raised.  I don't see this a lot, and it's impressive.
C's beer... before he drank it all :)
C got a burger with bleu cheese and jalapenos on it.  Along with some sweet potato fries, which he said were delicious.
I got the cheeseburger with avocado, which I love putting on my burger.  I don't even need ketchup or mustard because I like the avocado flavor so much!  This was a whole lot of food, I must say.

I liked the burger a lot, and it was a lot of food.  I will say I like my burger cooked around medium, and this one was a little overcooked.  It was still really good though.  The restaurant was very busy, and had a lot more to offer on their menu.  Hopefully one day I'll be back to try some of their other offerings.

Have a great weekend everyone & GO GREEN!

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