Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paying It Forward

One of the best things about being a blogger is the community that exists.  Be it a food blogger, great writer, fashion enthusiast, or photographer; you name it, and we're all here to do the same thing - share what we love with the world.  On the way we're out to help each other too.  By sharing each other's work with our own followers we pay it forward and allow people see the vast variety of talent that's out there.  Today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite blogs.  
A high school friend of mine, Nicole just recently started her own blog.  It's a week old and I've already decided it's a must read.  Thought for Food..and other things will demonstrate her love of food, cooking (she comes from an Italian family, can't get much better than that,) as well as her awesome photography skills.  She's a fellow yooper that now lives in Wisconsin, so you can anticipate seeing some real winter snapshots as well as amazing summers.  
I found this site on accident, and am in love with Emily and her unique combination of food, fashion and overall awesome taste.  Cupcakes and Cashmere shows Emily's daily outfits and where everything is from.  She also blogs every week listing out five things she's liking that week, and I find myself looking forward to it!
Can You Stay for Dinner author, Andie, has a great story behind her blog.  She started eating and cooking healthily, lost weight and now blogs of her experiences.  Alongside recipes and her fantastic writing, she livens up my day whenever she posts something new.  Currently she's living the dream in Costa Rica while writing a book, and I must say she's convinced me that I need to travel there as soon as possible.
Corey from Tongue in Cheek is an American in Paris.  She married a French guy and has lived there ever since.  She always seems to have a new adventure going on, and posts daily so you can follow what ever she's doing that week.  She also has some of the best "feel good" posts.  She really allows you into her life and shares her feelings with all of her readers.  It's refreshing and so enjoyable to read.
Last but not least - Food Porn Daily.  I don't think this site needs further explanation.  Take a look and tell me it doesn't cause you to lick your screen.

See you back here tomorrow!


  1. What an incredibly kind shout-out! Thanks for that, Rachel, as well as making it a great read because if there's one thing I DO need, it's more blogs to check out. Awesome.

  2. I found you through @byemily's twitter and now you've pointed me to other great blogs. Thanks! :)

  3. Thanks. I stumbled your way from I don't know where. The food porn is right up my alley. Thanks for the insight.