Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cornish Pasty Co. - Tempe, AZ

C and I already seem to have a list of restaurants we want to try in the Phoenix area.  When he first mentioned a pasty restaurant, I could hardly believe my ears.  Pasties are a delicacy where I'm from in the Upper Peninsula, and to this day have never even heard of a place that serves them outside of the Michigan.  We headed to Cornish Pasty Co, and I was super excited, although I admit a little hesitant they could live up to the high standards.  The atmosphere was pretty cool, we sat at the bar and watched as they stuffed the pasties. 
Also had some unique beers on tap.
These pictures are a little dark and I apologize for that, but you'll have to stay with me!  They had very unique pasties on the menu, very different from the meat and potatoes kind I am used to.  Some examples, lamb and mint, chicken Alfredo, Cajun chicken.  I decided to ordered the cheese steak, which had steak, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, with Swiss cheese. Served with a red wine gravy and mustard cream sauce.  It was delicious and although very different I really liked it! 
C ordered "The Royale with Cheese" because it sounded delicious and also because we loved the name! *cough*Pulp Fiction is awesome *cough* It had hamburger, french fries, onions, bacon, cheddar and Swiss cheese.  I took a taste bite and I really enjoyed.  It was pretty similar to a hamburger, but the pasty made it better. 
We ended our meal with the apple caramel pasty. It was apples, cinnamon, and caramel baked into a pasty served with ice cream.  Delicious!  I really liked this place, it had really unique options and will definitely be bringing and visitors from home to this place to try it out.  


  1. Holy Helsinki-- Pastys???? Not in the U.P.?? YES! So delish--I would like to attempt making one of these babies homemade

  2. If you have time, while you're in Phx, you should hit up La Boca on Mill Ave in Tempe...its a fun Pizza/Wine place, and its So good! The White Sangria is amazing!