Monday, July 2, 2012

Posh Nosh Market - Plano, TX

Posh Nosh Market recently opened in downtown Plano, and I was so happy I had the chance to try it before I left for Arizona. They're so new their website isn't really functional yet, but the restaurant is definitely ready for business! The inside is really cute, and has a great atmosphere.  I went for dinner by myself one night and sat and read my Bon Appetit magazine and people watched.
They have a huge variety of if I could ever turn that down.
They have a cold and hot sandwich and salad menu with daily specials such as fish, chicken, steak.  I ordered the BLT with avocado.  It came with amazing fries that had the perfect seasoning.  It was delish, the bread really made this sandwich great.
Tried the lemon bar for dessert, it was sweet and tasty!  

Be sure you try the gelato when you go, it's a must!  I really hope this place takes off, it's a great addition to the Plano area and the food is awesome  Let me know if you try it out, I only had the opportunity to try one thing so let me know if you have anything else that you loved! 

Happy Monday :) 

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