Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mia Now & Then

I have finally made it to Phoenix, and am elated to be back with my little family!  This past month without C and Mia has been a little challenging.  I enjoyed my last month in Dallas making time for the people and places I will miss the most, but it's nice to finally be all back together again.  Mia is 8 months old now, which I can't believe, and I also still can't believe how much she continues to grow.  It's especially apparent when you don't see her for a month!
Or when you compare her now to what she looked like when we first got her.  Disclaimer: toy pig was indeed harmed and no longer exists in the toy rotation.  
Here's our big girl now.... amazing how much she's grown!  Vet says she might end up around 40-50 pounds, compared to the 4 pound puppy we had at first, a lot has changed.  I guess even though she's not my cute little baby anymore, at least she's potty trained, and still cute :)

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  1. It's cool to see the two pictures put side by side like that. Her head has some growing to do in order to catch up to her ears.