Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Omelette Shoppe - Traverse City, MI

While I had some of my college friends visiting Traverse City this summer we decided to go out for breakfast one morning.  We went into downtown Traverse City and walked around until we found the The Omelette Shoppe, which looked tasty and didn't have a super long wait (which was surprising after we tasted the food!)  I started out with freshly squeezed orange juice... even the color is different!  Yum...
I ordered the West German omelet, not only because the name made me laugh but because it sounded amazing.  Ham, onions, and hash browns topped with cheese served with homemade toast. 
I have never had the hash browns in the omelet before, but it was really good!  I would go back here in a second, they had nice indoor and outdoor seating, and the staff was really friendly.  Also note that even if you do have a bit of a wait, they will call your phone so you can walk around and shop while you wait.  Very clever and convenient!

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