Thursday, October 25, 2012

Labor Day - 2 months late.

Yes I realize it's almost November and I'm talking about Labor Day, I'm a little behind, but still had to share!   As I've stated a few times, I had such a great summer.  I was very lucky to see so many friends and family.  Especially the friends that drove all around the state to see me, I so appreciate it.  You all made the summer the best, and the last official weekend was summer was just that.  Grandpa and boys on the dock :)
Three of my favorite ladies.  And her bag of WINE!  Despite looking like it could be some other yellow liquid ;)
Summer was filled with people learning to water ski - Arran was one of them.  She also was the person to get up the quickest! 
The girls on the boat! 
Here is my Dad in all his glory - laughing, going way too fast with us on the tube, while we hold on for our dear lives.  My voice would hurt from screaming so loudly. 
Arran's excited, I'm contemplating if I want to go...
Sunset pics!
Sand bar action.  Yes, that's my Grandma with a beer.  Obviously being cool runs in my family. 
One more picture while Piggy was visiting.  Love all of you!

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