Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bangkok Part I

Welcome to Bangkok, my name is Rachel and I'll be your tour guide through the city!  Here is a view of downtown from our hotel, we stayed a little bit outside of the city in the Sukhumvit area.
As we walked through Benjakiti Park I thought the brooms were interesting and had to snap a quick picture.
The King of Thailand is very old and very sick, so there were a lot of shrines loaded with flowers with respect to him all over the city.
It is HOT in Bangkok, here's a kitten trying to nap in the shade of one of the temples.
Buddha's at Wat Hua Lamphong. 
The bells at Wat Hua Lamphong.  I loved the new versus old architecture right next to each other. 
The next morning we ventured off by ourselves.  The first stop was the Vimanmek Mansion. It was the home of King Rama V, and it is the largest teak structure in the world.  We couldn't bring our cameras inside, so I can only show the outside, but it was very uniquely decorated.  A mix of Thai and Victorian architecture and design.  Also note - that you have to wear pants or a skirt that covers your legs fully.  If you forget, they have little skirts that you can buy.  
Backside of the mansion, the grounds are really beautiful and very well kept.  We really enjoyed walking around the estate.  There are also guided tours in English and in Thai every couple of hours, so if you can plan it so you arrive when they start that is the best way to see the mansion.

More to come.. I took around 600 pictures while I was there, lucky for you I have narrowed down, but I still have quite a bit to show!  

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