Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bangkok Part III

Welcome back to Bangkok - where your shoes must be removed before you head into any temple. 
The Golden Buddha.  Very interesting fact, many of the Buddhas that were made of gold or any other valuable mineral were painted over during war times,so that if it was taken the captures wouldn't know it's worth.  The Golden Buddha has that history, and when they found out it was gold they must have been pretty excited!
From the Golden Buddha we moved on to the Reclining Buddha.  To say it's big is an understatement.
Pretty spectacular.
The feet were mother of pearl and have a very unique design on them,
Wat Pho, where the reclining Buddha lays, is a beautiful area.  The architecture is amazing, and there is so much to look at!
We found out when we got there that all these little temple buildings are graves where the ashes of the deceased are placed.
We walked around for a while just admiring all of the colors and shapes!
There were some Thai kids walking around asking us questions in English and we had to write our response on their piece of paper.  Great way to practice their English and it was pretty cute too.
A monk walking around the temple.

Happy Thursday!

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