Monday, April 29, 2013

Red Dragon - Bangkok, Thailand

Happy Monday!  One of the nights in Bangkok we went to eat at Red Dragon.  There was a large group of us, and we ate family style (which is how a Thai meal is usually served) over large round tables.  It was cozy and interesting to say the least.  You will have to forgive me when it comes to describing this food, I'm going to try my best and remember, but there were a lot of interesting things that will be hard explain!  We started with fried duck skin, jicama, rolled into a burrito.  
Here's a picture of the table, and my wine of course!
My plate with a variety of choosings: duck, pork, fish stomach..the usual.
Duck lettuce wrap.  A native told us throughout the meal they bring out all the different parts of the duck cooked differently.  We were onto the meat part for this course.
Also many different kinds of soup.
This was shark fin soup -- pretty interesting!  Tasted like calamari.
Black sesame dough balls in a warm soup was part of dessert.  Different and very strong flavor that was new to me.
And of course a large platter of fruit to round out dessert. 

I really enjoyed this meal, especially because we were eating with a few Thai people that were able to explain some of the dishes to us.  Still can taste that fruit -- so amazing!

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