Friday, June 29, 2012

Things I'll Miss About Dallas Part II

My movie boyfriend, Jill, and our ability to always sit next to the craziest people.  She might not miss me dragging her to romantic, lame movies, but it just won't be the same without her.  I'll miss her sarcasm and our obsession with our puppies.
Little Jack!  I actually had one last weekend with the little guy as his owner was out of town on my last weekend in Dallas.  I'll miss his little face and Mia will miss her buddy.
Last, but not least, my friend Hus-pants.  Seen here looking her finest on my last night out in Dallas.  I will miss chatting throughout the day, our obsession with T, our similar anxieties, and her support for the changes I"m making in my life right now.

These places and people (and dogs) are going to be all very missed, and am proud of have had them all in my life.  I have one more Dallas restaurant review next week, but other than that I'm officially a Tempe, Arizona resident.  Thank you Dallas for great times and some amazing people and experiences.  Bring on the next step!

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