Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dish Cafe & Ambrosia Gelato - Traverse City, MI

Before all the visitors arrived in Traverse City my Mom and I had a day to run errands, get groceries and spend some time together before the craziness began!  We took some time out from running around to have lunch in downtown Traverse City.  I had heard great things about Dish Cafe, so that's where we ended up.  They are known to have all natural ingredients in their food and specifically their great smoothies.  Smoothies would have to wait for the next visit, we both ordered soup and sandwiches this time.  First cane the tomato curry soup, which was so delicious!
For my half of sandwich I had the smoked turkey which came with tomatoes, avocado, cheese and honey mustard.  And a pickle side of course!  I really liked the lunch selection at the cafe, and will hopefully be back soon to try more of their menu and the famous smoothies.
On our way back to the car we walked by Ambrosia gelato, and it twisted our arms and we had to stop!  They had a lot of flavors and my mom ordered the cherry gelato.  While in Traverse City you have to get your fill of cherries!  
I ordered the salted caramel.  It was so tasty!  I loved the little chocolate A's they put on top of each scoop. This place was really new, when we went it they had only been open for two weeks, so make sure if you're in the area you try them out and help support new businesses in the area! 

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