Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Knoll Lake, Arizona

A few weekends ago C and I decided to get out of Phoenix and head into the mountains in hopes of being somewhere a little cooler.  We found exactly that, and also stumbled upon areas that reminded me very much of being in Northern Michigan.  I think both of us were really surprised by the big change in scenery just a few hours outside of the city.  Even Mia looked a little confused! 
Our campsite was really awesome.  Did I mention it was about 25 degrees cooler?!  Yeah, our next trip will be in the near future for sure!
Mia even had some neighbor friends to run around with!!
Beautiful Knoll Lake, where our campsite was.  So pretty and relaxing there.
Yes everyone, this is in Arizona.  I was so shocked, and really pumped.  It's like a little bit of home!
One our way back home we stopped at the Rim Lake Vista trail and walked around a bit.  The views were amazing!
C being silly.
Our road back to Phoenix from afar.  This was a great area and would recommend it to anyone (although I would recommend having a truck or SUV to get there!)  It was a really fun weekend for all of us, and so awesome to get away from the heat for a few days.  

For more information on Knoll Lake, click here.