Friday, August 10, 2012

Three Pictures I'm Loving Right Now from @cgarske

Instead of my normal "three things I'm loving right now" I thought I would change it up by showing you my three favorite pictures taken by @cgarske from our Michigan vacation.  She had a lot of great pictures and it was hard to narrow down, but here's what I came up with!  Big thanks to her for letting me borrow them :) 
My brother and V.  Despite not seeing him a lot she still wants to marry him, and is convinced he'll move to wherever she lives.  What a great couple they make ;) 
Up early in the AM for fishing (I couldn't pull myself out of bed that early but I got to see the pictures!)   I love the hot air balloon.
The usual scene sitting on the deck watching the sunset.  Beautiful picture!

More of my vacation photos next week!  Have a great weekend everyone. 

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  1. Great pictures.. This makes me sad I'm not coming :(