Monday, August 27, 2012

MOOmers - Traverse City, MI

We recently found out that one of the best ice cream spots happens to be very close to where we stay in Traverse City.  We decided to try MOOmers one night on vacation, and in a way I wish I hadn't.  Ice cream will never be the same, nor will waffle cones.  Nothing else will measure up, my taste buds have been spoiled and now ruined.  I highly recommend it though, it's so worth it!!!  Plus, they have these cute little kid creations, which Ms V loved!
I ordered a regular waffle cone with two flavors, and to be honest I don't remember what I chose.  I think one was vanilla chocolate chip, but the other has slipped my mind.  We've been back a few times and the flavors change a lot!  To sum up though: no matter what flavor you get, you'll like it.
When was the last time you had a banana split?  
This one deserved two pictures.  Looks so amazing!

I can't get enough of MOOmers and am glad it's so close!  If you're ever in the Traverse City area you'll notice a lot of restaurants and shops that serve MOOmer's ice cream; but please make the trek out to the original store, that's where all their flavors will be displayed.  Plus the scenery is pretty interesting too.

Happy Monday!

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