Monday, November 5, 2012

The Paramount - South Boston, MA

Hello again all!  Sorry for my absence, I've had a busy couple of weeks.  I've begun working (which I will post more about at another time) and I've had a house full of guests.  I'm just now finished cleaning my house and back into my normal routine, although it seems very quiet here now.  Guess that means I'm ready for the next visitor :)  Finally I'm posting about my trip out east, starting with eating at The Paramount in Boston.  My brother had heard great things about this restaurant, so before we left for Cape Cod we had a delicious dinner there.  It was a great way to start the trip out.  A little wine while looking over the menu.
I always think the food is going to be really tasty when I can see the kitchen.  Means they have nothing to hide in what they're doing!  It was a Friday night so it was very busy, but the service was great and the kitchen seemed hardly stressed.
We started by sharing the BBQ pulled pork tacos.  There was a cilantro-lime aioli on top that was awesome.    I think we all wished there were a few more tacos for us to share!
My brother got the short rib fettuccine.  The portions were very large so we were all splitting the dishes.  I didn't get to take a bite of his because I was too consumed in my own meal, but he said it was great.  Points on the presentation too, everything they served looked beautiful.
My Mom and I split the Pad Thai with chicken.  This was a really eclectic menu, but the waitress said this was one of the favorite so we tried it.  I was pleasantly surprised and would order this again in a second.

I must admit, even now as I look at the menu, I wish we had this restaurant in Phoenix.  It was delicious and I want to try many more of their options.  They also serve brunch which looks amazing as well.  If you're in the Boston area this is a must eat!  They have two locations, so pick the one closest and enjoy. 

Happy Monday! 

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