Wednesday, April 13, 2011

He's So Cute!

Finally posting my final pictures of my trip to Port Aransas... about a month late but better than never.  From the picture above you wouldn't think this would be where alligators live, but I know first hand they're there.  Looks so peaceful, and then all of a sudden: huge alligator crossing.
This picture doesn't do him justice, he's around 6 feet long, and very fat.  The water is shallow enough that he's essentially walking around.  It's funny because you can see his tracks in the sand after he strolls on by. 
We were very lucky that the cute little guy came out to play; C's parents had been visiting the area for a whole month and had only seen an alligator once!  He was a little intimidating to look at, but he seemed pretty calm.  He did open his jaws at one point, but I think he was just yawning!  He seems relaxed and like he was taking a nice afternoon nap the whole time.  I was trying to convince C to jump in and hang out with him, but he wasn't having it.  Party pooper.
  There were many ducks and birds in the area as well, although they were steering pretty clear of where the alligator was sitting.
We walked around by the ocean for a while too.  It was very pretty, people were everywhere fishing and camping. 
As you can see from the waves it was a little windy, but still gorgeous views, and nice to be enjoying the outdoors.
Unfortunately this was the only boat we rode during the trip, but still pretty fun :)  I hope to make it back to Port Aransas again soon, it was a beautiful beach town, and perfect for a relaxing getaway.  Thank you to C's parents for having us.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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