Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wear Flowers In Your Hair...

I thought I would share some of my non-food San Francisco pictures.  Yes, believe it or not, we did do other things picture worthy other than eat.  :)  This was the view from our hotel.  We stayed on Van Ness, and although we never really stayed around that area to eat or do things, it seemed like it was right in the middle of everywhere we went, so it was a pretty good location if you ask me.  Plus, the view was beautiful!
Friday afternoon we took the ferry trip and toured Alcatraz.  If you've never done this and have the opportunity to see it, I would highly recommend going.  It was so interesting, and although the prison itself and some of the buildings are a little creepy looking, the island is beautiful.  The view across the bay of the city is breathtaking!  The picture here is of the front of the island, you can see the prison and the warden's house - although it's hardly standing anymore.
There were so many worn down buildings, and there wasn't much information on what they used to be.  It was pretty how plants, flowers, and birds just kind of worked around it.
More flowers on the island!  The families of the officers that used to live there kept great gardens, and the landscaping today is still kept up very well.
This was on the side of the prison, and it was their "rec area."  If the prisoners were on good behavior they were allowed to go outside to play basketball, baseball, horse shoes, or sit on the steps and enjoy the pretty views of San Fran in the distance.
Gi and I right in front of the prison with San Fran behind us.  It's too bad there was a prison on the island, it would be an awesome place to have a house or hotel!
We had to take a ride on the cable cars of course!  Note: if you find yourself waiting in line at Fisherman's Wharf to get on, walk up the street to the next stop.  Granted you won't get the best seat, but it beats waiting in line for an hour!
Such a pretty picture from the cable car.  I thought the city was very beautiful and reminded me a lot of European cities.  Overall, we had such a great trip.  I loved California, and hope to go back again very soon, I feel like I could have spent another week there.  There were so many places I wanted to see!  I'm by no means and expert, but if anyone has questions about my trip and need any suggestions please let me know.

Friday. Get. Here. Faster.
See you back here tomorrow!  

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