Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Port Aransas

I told you a few weeks ago I would share some pictures from my trip way down south to Port Aransas, Texas.  Truth is, I've been cooking and baking so much I have an overload of things I want to post about, so I'm finally getting around to it!  It's a good problem to have, so I'm not complaining :)  Isn't this picture beautiful, it's like two worlds mixed in one.  Trees sprouting where they normally wouldn't be, yet it's so beautiful and peaceful. Brings the saying "bloom where you're planted" to a whole new level.
Turtles were everywhere, and they were all trying to warm up!  Searching for the sun with all of their limbs sticking out, pretty entertaining to see.  This little nook of nature was very unusual, it was literally behind a restaurant.  You park, walk on this little wooden boardwalk for a few steps, and all of a sudden BAM water, trees, plants, turtles, birds all around you. 
It's hard to do these pictures justice without sound.  You'll have to imagine being stuck in a bird cage with around 100 birds all chirping, that's what it sounded like.  The thing that was odd was you couldn't see a lot of birds, only hear them, guess they were shy!
I don't like bees, they freak me out, and for some reason they really like my apartment.  Did I mention my apartment has a patio door with no screen.  Yes, this creates an issue.  I recently read an interesting fact about bees though, and it still amazes me.  One worker bee will produce 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in their lifetime, talk about spinning your wheels!  So, despite the fact that I'm not a huge fan, I do have to give them credit for working their little bee butts off without too much of a return. 
Pretty amazing mirror.
Looks a little strange doesn't it?  They were all doing this, and it is because turtles are cold blooded.  They really are trying to get every part of their body warmed up before the sun goes down.
The area was very populated by blue herons.  I was very far from this guy, who was way up in the trees.  Thankfully C's camera can zoom!
This is my favorite picture!  Someone knew the name of this bird, but I can't seem to remember it, so we're going to call it red-eyed crazy bird, because that's what he looks like!  Pretty cool that I caught him right as he was looking at us though, soon after he turned his back to us. 
Since I'm considered "city folk" now, this part of the trip was really enjoyable for me.  It's such a pretty area, and it's amazing the things you see and learn.  Click here if you want any further information about the Port Aransas area. 

More pictures to come soon.  Happy Hump Day!  :)

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