Friday, April 1, 2011


I am one of the many people who saves things that really have no value to others, but that have significant meaning to me.  Symbols of someone in my life, time in my life, a place, a feeling.  As I thought to blog about this, I realized that my apartment is filled with them.  There's an explanation for pretty much everything I've decorated my apartment with.  It was hard for me to cut it down to a few things to be honest.  I'm going to share my favorites with you, and let you see a little more of my life, when I'm not baking and cooking!
When I was a senior in high school, I tried out to be Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz musical, and got the part.  It was a great experience for me, I've always loved to sing, but had huge stage fright.  It was a great time in my life, there is nothing compared to the feeling at the end of the play when everyone is clapping for you.  It really humbles you, and makes you want to share your talents with the world.  My parents gave me this little plaque for Christmas that year, it still hangs by the front door in my apartment.
My brother and I were both lucky enough to study abroad while in college.  I lived in Holland, he lived in Barcelona, Spain.  I was able to visit Barcelona while in Europe (although he wasn't there yet,) and my favorite part of Barcelona was seeing the work of the artist Gaudi, especially Park Guell made with little Mosaic tiles.  My brother gave me this statue that channels Gaudi's work, and I love it.  Gives me the free and open feeling that I had while living in Europe, with what seemed like endless opportunities to grow.
Speaking of study abroad - Holland is such a great memory for me.  I think it was one of the best times of my life, and changed me as a person tremendously.  The wooden shoe is very tied to the Dutch culture.  The area where I stayed, Friesland, has a very unique flag: blue with strips of white and red hearts.  I bought this key chain while over there, and have hanging by my calendar.  Although Leeuwarden was a small city compared to Amsterdam, it has a special place in my heart and always will be my favorite part of Holland.
This little guy was a joke from C.  While we were doing the long distance relationship, he would surprise me with flowers or random packages sometimes.  So, one hot afternoon in the middle of July, he had this penguin delivered to my office.  It still cracks me up, it's so random.  I like penguins, but I don't think we ever even discussed penguins.  Plus it was around 90 degrees outside, not really the climate penguins like.  Just shows that it really is the thought that counts, and it still puts a smile on my face.
In the fall of 2008, I had a very close friend of mine pass away in a car accident.  I had bought him this Jameson bottle a couple weeks earlier, as it had become one of his favorite things to drink.  After the funeral his friends and family gathered, and all took a sip from the bottle in memory of him.  It is his 27th birthday today.  Happy Birthday SMW, I miss you, and I can only imagine how many grey hairs you would have now, old man. ;)

We all have scraps of our experiences to help remind us that the forces of life can't always be seen.  These symbols are living mirrors, we understand with out any words.  They help us bear witness to the painful mystery that is life.  Weather it be a crucifix, a Buddha, or a sea shell they help us bear the days.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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