Thursday, May 5, 2011

Possum Kingdom Lake

C surprised me a couple weekends ago and took me for a quick getaway to Possum Kingdom Lake.  It's somewhere I have been wanting to go since my first visit down to Texas over two years ago.  We finally had the opportunity to go, and it being only a two hour or so drive from Dallas, it worked out perfectly.  I must say, I've seen pictures and heard people talk about how beautiful the area is, but seeing it in person is beyond description.  We had a little difficulty getting there, as a lot of the area is suffering from the forest fires.  A lot of the roads our GPS was telling us to take were closed due to the fires.  We got there safe and sound though, and it took my breath away.
C bought a new tent for the excursion, and was pretty excited to use it.  The area wasn't busy with visitors, maybe because of the nearby fires, or the fact that it's still getting pretty cold at night.  I was pretty happy about it though, we got the perfect spot to camp, right on the water and perfect place to watch the sunset.  
That's smoke surrounding the sun, a little haunting.  You could smell it everywhere we went.
 Looking on the other side of the lake you can see where the fires were, not too far from us. 
There were lots of tiny roads to drive along, all with gorgeous views.  I want to go back and discover some different areas, the lake is huge and there's a ton to explore!
Sunday morning after breakfast consisting of cereal and leftover birthday cake of course, we took a hike.  They have trails all along the lakes.  It was very peaceful.  We hiked around 3 miles, but we think it seemed more like 15, so we're going to stick with 15 :)
Then back to the city we went.  As we drove back into town we caught a great view of downtown Dallas that I thought I would share. 
It was a fun trip, nice to get out of the city and relax a bit.  I will be going back again for sure!  There's been a ton on the news here about the areas around the lake that are suffering because of the fires, my thoughts and prayers go out to those people.  Hopefully we will get things under control, and keep that beautiful area in tact.
Almost Friday people...we can do it!


  1. What a beautiful and peaceful place! Perfect for relaxing.



  2. Yes, perfect for relaxing :) Thanks for stopping my Rosa, hope you continue to read!