Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zip Lining in New York (Texas that is!)

A couple of weeks ago, as a "you're done with school for the summer" present to C, we went zip-lining.  We had each bought a "Living Social" deal for two hours of zip-lining, and since it was a couple hours outside of Dallas I thought it would be a great little weekend getaway.  The zip lining was located in New York, Texas; but there weren't many hotel accommodations there, so we ended up staying in Ben Wheeler.  It's around a half hour north of New York, and a quaint but beautiful small town.  I was thinking it was going to be a great weekend about an hour outside of Dallas when we exited the free-way to continue driving on a very small road with nothing around but trees.  It was a great drive!
We pulled up to the bed and breakfast just as the sun was going down.  We stayed at the Cross Timber Ranch Bed and Breakfast (information at the end of the post.)  It was a gorgeous old house, with a ton of land and an awesome pool in the back.  The people who ran it were very nice and welcoming, and cooked a mean breakfast the next morning.  We went out to eat and then hung out in the hot tub the rest of the night!
The next morning after breakfast I finally had some sunlight to take pictures of the place.  One of the guys that owns the place also landscapes, and there were many interesting flowers around the house. 
The best backyard ever!!!  This pictures looks fake, but trust me, it's real.  They had a huge pool with a hot tub as well, very relaxing.  I'd like to say again how friendly the owners were, C and I both had such a great time, and would recommend this place to everyone and anyone! Next was the drive to New York to get our zip on :)
Be prepared for some off roading to get to this place.  It was literally in the middle of no where, dirt road entry and all.  Once we got to the top we were able to sit and enjoy the view, which was so amazing!
We are ready to go!  Had to take a picture at the top to show everyone how cool we looked in our helmets.
Zip ling through the trees.  I won't lie, I was a little nervous the first couple of times.  The staff was very friendly and helpful, and VERY safe.  Once I went the first time though I was addicted, it's so fun and exciting.
Me coming on down!
C was a pro!
As you can tell from the pictures we had a lot of fun.  Neither of us had ever gone zip lining before and we both really enjoyed ourselves and hope to be able to go again! 
If you'd like more information on the Cross Timber Ranch Bed and Breakfast please click here.
For more zip lining information click here, to see New York Texas Zip Lining Adventures' website.
Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  Now it's back to the grind, at least it's a short week :)  See you tomorrow!


  1. Oh...I think I'd be to afraid to try anything like this, but hey! I'll sit by the pool, no worries! Happy you had such an awesome time!

  2. I was scared too, but it was very fun! I think you have to arrange everything so you don't have too much time to think, just gotta jump on and go! :)