Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seasons 52 and Cake!

My parents and brother came to visit for Easter weekend a few weeks ago, and I felt so lucky to have them around.  Not only for Easter but also to celebrate my birthday.  Although it was a couple weeks late, celebrate is exactly what we did.  I have a ton of pictures from all the places we visited and food we ate, today I'm just going to share the first night's meal at Seasons 52 in Plano.  I started the weekend out right with a strawberry margarita martini, pretty much three things I love mixed into one amazing drink.
Appetizer was smoked salmon flat bread.  So great!  I wouldn't normally order smoked salmon, but it was a weekend filled with things I'd never tried, and I actually liked it a lot.  Seasons 52 prides themselves on fresh ingredients and all of the dishes are under 475 calories.  My brother thought this translated into the dishes would be small and wouldn't fill you up, but I think they proved him wrong!
I ordered the scallops, and loved them.  I'm pretty picky about scallops, I can tell right away if they're gritty and then it's hard for me to eat them.  These were perfect, and the asparagus was fresh and tasted great.
My Mom and brother ordered the shrimp pasta with fresh veggies.  Yum!
Dad got the salmon salad.  I tasted the salmon and it was seasoned perfectly.
Topped it off with a birthday cake for me!  The cake was from Elizabeth's Cakes, my Mom ordered it the restaurant sliced it for us.  Granted the whole "under 450 calories" went right out the door when we dug into this, but it was worth it!  The frosting was the best part, and there was plenty of it.
Tomorrow I'll post pictures from our amazing steak dinner at Nick and Sam's and our brunch and LaDuni. 
See you back here tomorrow everyone :)

Click here for more information on Seasons 52.
Click here if you want to make yourself hungry by checking out Elizabeth's Cakes.


  1. I love Season's 52- I think they are a great example of what healthy food should taste like! I love that scallop dish, too.

  2. Lauren - Yes it's great. They're very innovative with their food, and do a great job making sure everything tastes awesome! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Lauren, they are very creative with making all their dishes healthy and still very tasty! Thanks for stopping by :)