Thursday, September 27, 2012

Green House Cafe - Traverse City, MI

I've posted a few of my favorite places to chow down in Traverse City already, and have a few more to go! I spent around a month there this summer, with friends and family visiting, so I have more restaurant reviews than I know what do with.  The day we went to Green House Cafe I had my cousin, best friend, a friend from Milwaukee, her daughter and my Mom in tow.  We had a big group and needed a good, kid friendly spot for lunch.  Green House Cafe did all of that in a great way!  They have a pretty extensive menu, and daily specials.  I opted for the special sandwich with one of their soups of the day.  The soup was cheddar potato.  It was creamy and delicious!  I will admit though it was very hard to pick the soup, all of their daily soups sounded amazing. 
The special sandwich was a chicken cherry salad on a croissant.  How fitting for a post this week since I've already shared recipes for chicken salad and a cherry dessert.  They coincided nicely! 
It was delicious and served with a big pickle.  Yum! 
Even the baby liked it!  She was digging in.  

Green House Cafe is a great place downtown Traverse City if you're looking for a fresh lunch with loads of flavor.  Check them out and let me know what you think!

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