Thursday, September 6, 2012

Simply Cupcakes - Traverse City, MI

Now that you've seen my vacation pictures, part 1, part 2, part 3, and finally part 4; you know what a great time we had.  It's become a tradition now that every year we have one big birthday party for all of us, since we're not usually together for our birthdays.  This year, instead of a big cake we thought cupcakes could be cute, and ventured to Simply Cupcakes to help us out.  They had great customer service and really delivered.  Melted white chocolate into each of our names was super cute!
We tried all the flavors they offered, and weren't disappointed in any!  I had the strawberry.
C got the chocolate peanut butter one, which I think was my favorite.  All were so tasty though, and the people at Simply Cupcakes were great.  I think we'll be back next year too!  If you're looking for a tasty cupcake treat in Traverse City, Simply Cupcakes will not disappoint. 

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