Thursday, September 13, 2012

Humble Abode

I wanted to share with you some photos of our new place in Phoenix.  Let me preface this by telling you that C had about a month by himself in the new humble abode, and he had some interesting decorating ideas.  We compromised for the better good.  By compromised I mean he went work, and I made some changes :) Here's the dining room BR (Before Rachel.)
After Rachel.  I had to buy a cactus.. when in Rome!
Kitchen BR.
Kitchen now.  I didn't make too many changes on the outside, it's inside the cubbards that were changed around a bit :)  
Guest room BR.  All of my stuff that C didn't know where to put went here until I got into town to unpack it all!
I put my desk in the guest room, where I'll be blogging to you from!
This is where you'll stay if you're ever a visitor here.  Turned out really nice, and I was glad I had a place to put my Europe map that has pins on every city I visited.  Hopefully this room will see a lot of friends and family!

More pictures to come....

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