Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Humble Pie - Phoenix, AZ

While C's family was visiting we enjoyed a lot of great food; both homemade and at restaurants.  One night we ventured downtown to Humble Pie, and boy did we find a great spot.  We were also there during their happy hour specials which proved to all be tasty.  I started with the Limoncello margarita, because I was interested after just reading the name.  It was a little tart but went down very nicely!
C and I split a bunch of different food, starting with the caesar salad.  I love homemade croutons and freshly grated cheese!
A few of their appetizers were $5, and I'm a sucker for a good price.  We started with the tempera fried green beans.  They were amazing!  Flash fried and still crunchy, after dipping them in the mustard aioli you could hardly tell you were eating a vegetable.
Next came the mound of french fries, and I literally mean mound.  They were smothered in garlic, cheese and chili flakes and also came with a garlic aoili sauce.  Our breath smelled afterward, but I don't think any o us cared.  They were worth it!
C and I split the Barbecue Chicken pizza.  It had bacon, smoked mozzarella, fontina cheese, tomatoes, green onions and BBQ sauce.  Cheesy-goodness.  I couldn't get enough!  I normally don't like order bacon from restaurants because I'm picky about how it's cooked but this was the perfect topping on this pizza.  Just looking at it makes me want to try this place again. 

I really enjoyed Humble Pie, and hope to be back very soon. Remember if you get there for Happy Hour they have some really great drink and food deals.  Hope you enjoy!

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