Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome to 2013

Welcome to the New Year!!  I am finally back to my routine and am able to blog again -- yay! :) I thought I would start the year out with a quick look back at some of my favorite recipes over this past year.  It went by very fast, and deserves a little reflection.  
I had to begin with something sweet and these Valentine's Day sugar cookies were perfect.  Soft, with a creamy frosting.  I can still taste them.  The great thing is you can use them anytime of year, just change the shape and the frosting color!
These Garlic and Sausage Kabobs are a recipe that a friend of mine made this summer at the lake, and I loved them!  Whoever thought of adding bread to kabobs is a genius.  Try it and tell me how awesome it is... delish! 
I remember the morning that I made these banana and peanut butter pancakes vividly.  I wanted to make something glorious for breakfast but didn't feel like going shopping.  Luckily I had the ingredients to throw this together and it tasted so great, especially because I was still in my PJ's.
This is one of the prettiest things I've made in the past year, in my opinion anyway.  Not to mention how great these blueberry walkaways taste.  Really there's nothing you can't shove in the middle of good bread that will taste bad.  Let's be real :)
I love me some popcorn.  I also love a little twist on it to spice things up!  Reese's Popcorn mixed with chocolate and caramel, sign me up.
Soup just screams fall to me, and even though this year I didn't get much fall weather (living in Arizona and all) I still had to partake in the fall food.  This chicken and pumpkin soup mixed great fall ingredients together to form a very tasty soup.  Also great as leftovers! 
Finally, the homemade Nutella I made for some of my family and friends for Christmas gifts.  Took some time and love, but it turned out great and tastes much better than anything you can buy! 

Here's to another year of great food, recipes, photos and friends!

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