Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mystery Castle - Phoenix, AZ

Every "must see" list about Phoenix that I've seen has the Mystery Castle on it.  While we had visitors here over the holidays we finally checked it out.  What an experience!  It was built in the 30's by a guy named Gulley.  When he passed away he left the castle to his daughter (who he had not seen in years.)  She came strolling down from Seattle to take over the place.  She lived there until she passed away just a few years ago. 
Functioning kitchen.. believe it or not.  
View of Phoenix from one of the patios.
Gulley liked to recycle everything, most of the castle is made with materials he found on the cheap or free.. so it's like one huge collage of things.  Your eye almost doesn't know where to look!
His daugther Mary Lou who lived in the castle for 65 years added her own style to the place.  I liked these little quotes that she would write on random walls, furniture, etc.  
The guest bedroom.
The castle also has a chapel.  The tale says that if you leave a shoe your man will be true ;)
The All American bar... pretty interesting!
C and I both thought this was pretty funny.  In case you can't read it, it says "It's illegal to wear cowboy boots unless you own two cows."  Guess that means I'm a criminal.
The steps up to the castle.  How pretty!  

I would recommend visiting the castle if you're in the Phoenix area.  It's at the bottom of South Mountain and and it's such a beautiful area.  The castle is unique, to say the least, and the stories and history behind the place is very interesting.  Anyone else have must see's in Phoenix?  Comment and let me know!

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