Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chappaquiddick, MA

We took a break from biking to take a tour of the island right off Martha's Vineyard, Chappaquiddick.  There's a lot of history and drama about the island, which you can google if you're curious, but there's a lot more to offer than that.  Right off the bat though, we crossed the infamous bridge and I snapped a quick picture...very small.
Part of our group in the truck ready to go!
There are no commercial properties on the island, it is very quiet and remote, and beautiful.
Many people fish or hang out on the beach, you can drive your car right up to the water and hang out.
The island's light house, which has been moved a couple times and hopefully found it's permanent home.
It's amazing inside.. the stairs on the way up!  One of my favorite pictures.
My Mom and I on top of the light house - where the view was hard to beat.  

The island is perfect for a day trip - lots to look at and learn about! 

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