Friday, February 1, 2013

These are a few of my favorite (Christmas) things...

In remembrance of our trip to Nantucket and our stay at the White Elephant Hotel, my Mom made this elephant pillow for our living room.  SO cute I still can't get over it! 
Plus a special treat on the back - part of a tree that's in our yard in Traverse City, where I spent a lot of time this summer.  Such a thoughtful present, I almost started crying.
YESSSS!!!  My very own Kitchen Aid mixer, and the first investment in my own bakery!
Contributing to my future library, more books to read!
C's parents got us this.  Nuts welded together to form the state of Michigan.  Plus little bolts to mark where he's from and where I'm from.  Really unique idea, and awesome gift that we have displayed proudly.
And finally, just a few new board games.  We have become obsessed with Settlers of Catan, and got just a couple of the game additions.  We're set for a while! 

What were some of your favorite Christmas gifts?

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