Friday, February 8, 2013

The Herb Box - Scottsdale, AZ

C and I ventured to Scottsdale one night to try The Herb Box, which I have heard great things about and didn't disappoint.  The restaurant is casual, but trendy and very relaxed.  I started out with the blackberry mojito, and I picked the right drink.  It was the perfect mix of sweet and tartness. 
C makes fun of me a lot for ordering a bunch of food, taking two bites of everything and then being done.  This time I thought I'd give in and order a bunch of small plates so that there wouldn't be so much leftover food!  We picked a few appetizers, split them and it was just the right amount of food.  Plus, I was able to try a good assortment of the menu!  The brisket sliders were probably my favorite.  Served with thin sweet potato fries, the meat was tender and delicious. 
Also ordered one of their flat breads - the ham and herb tomato flat bread.  It was pretty tasty, and large for an appetizer.  The wild arugula on top was the best part!
Oh hello lover.... I changed my mind it was a tie between the mac and cheese and the sliders as my favorite.   Smoked Gouda mac and cheese - even the name is perfect.  

I really enjoyed this restaurant, the menu was really interesting and they have plenty of healthy and gluten free options to boot.  Hope to be back again every soon!

Have a great weekend everyone :)  

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