Thursday, June 21, 2012

Upstream Brewing Company - Omaha, NE

Last stop in Omaha before we left for the weekend was Upstream Brewing Company.  We went for dinner on Saturday night and I was really impressed.  It was a really cool building in Old Town, the service was excellent, and the food on!
One of the first things I noticed was cards that were stuck to the ceiling with different people's names written on them.  I asked our waiter what the deal was, and he told me a couple nights a week they have a magician come and its part of one of his magic tricks.  If anyone has seen the trick in real life please let me know.  I'm sad I missed it. 
Drinks all around!
We started with the flash fried calamari.  It was served with fresh hot peppers and it was delicious!
My brother and I split the pork schnitzel, I was glad we did.  It was HUGE!  It was really tasty, and had a garlic aioli drizzled on top. To split it was the perfect amount, and I would definitely recommend this dish to anyone who goes to Upstream.
My Mom had the raspberry chicken.  I was too full to taste it, but she said it was very good and the veggies looked like they were cooked perfectly.
My Dad ordered the swordfish special, and he said it was awesome.  The specials are always great to order if your server recommends them because it's only served for a limited time.  The whole place was great, and I hope we go back next year so I can try a couple other dishes.  

See you back here tomorrow! 

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