Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WheatFields Eatery & Bakery - Omaha, NE

As a passionate foodie I love traveling to new cities and trying out the local restaurants.  When the conference was over on Saturday we went to the Old Town area of Omaha, and I LOVED it.  All old buildings with cute stores and restaurants.  One of the places we stumbled upon was WheatFields.  We hadn't eaten dinner yet, but I thought we could take some things to eat later for dessert. 
There were so many options, it was not an easy choice.  I even asked one of the staff what they would recommend and she said about 5 different things, so it was very hard to narrow down.
Cakes, pies, cookies..oh my.
I finally decided on two things.  The strawberry cake which was super delicious. 
And a frosted sugar cookie.  Both were so tasty, I had to share with everyone and was a little upset I didn't get more! 
Finally, I had to get Mia a present and they happen to have dog treats.  I couldn't help myself, and she was so excited to try new treats.  It took her approximately 3 seconds to eat it.  I take that as a sign she liked it!

If you look at their website there are a couple different locations around Omaha, so if you're around the area please make sure to check them out.  They also serve dinner and lunch.  Thanks for the great treats! 

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