Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nantucket Part II

This was the big day of biking for us - 39 miles.  We got an early start and saw a lot of the island!  This windmill was really pretty, so I thought I needed a picture! 
After our stop at Surfside Beach on the southern part of the island we needed to make a bathroom stop.  This is now a hostel, but it's the original Life Saving Museum building.  More about that later! 
After riding due east out to Seasconset, or Sconset as the locals refer to it, I was amazed at how pretty the roads were.  Not a bad place to bike! 
One of the many light houses on the island. 
Lunch outside by the current Nantucket Shipwreck and Life Saving Museum.  The scenery was really pretty, and the lunch wasn't too bad either.  Especially the delicious Sconset brownies.  Yum!  We also toured the museum and it was really interesting.  If you're ever on the island I highly recommend visiting, there's a lot of the island's history on display.  
After lunch we biked clear across the island, and found a few more light houses :)
Smile really big Mom!  Even the fields were pretty!  
Finally back to our hotel we were just in time to watch the sunset from out balcony.  Looks so beautiful over all the boats in the bay. 
Had to show you one final picture of the White Elephant, this is the view of the hotel from the water.  I loved how they proudly displayed an elephant our front :) 

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