Friday, January 28, 2011

I Love Garlic

I have been researching "hole-in-the-wall" places to eat since I got to Dallas.  Obviously, this is hard to do, because most places that would fit that description aren't google-able (my made up verb.)  I've been looking on yelp a lot, which has been fairly effective.  People post their reviews about a place, so even if the restaurant doesn't have a website, someone will have gone and reviewed it.  I found Paesano's Italian Restaurant, it got very good reviews, and is just down the road from C's apartment in Richardson.  As soon as we sat down, I knew the reviews were right.  They set this garlicy-amazing dip with fresh bread on the table and I fell in love.  C and I devoured it.  (Please forgive my pictures, the light was horrible.)
I found a coupon that if you bought two entrees you got bottle of wine for free.  I'm by no means a wine snob, so I went for it.  The wine was really good, and the bottle made us a little giggly.  It was nice after a long week of work to unwind! 
I got the Rigatoni with meat sauce; it was cheesy and amazing.  I couldn't finish it all, probably because I loaded up on garlic and bread.  Either way it was great then, and great as leftovers!
C had Spinach Cataloni, and he thought it was very tasty.  Another thing I liked about Paesano's was they had these two person booths.  They were very private and cute, and a nice way to enjoy a meal.
I am a dessert person, and force anyone who eats with me to be as well.  You're welcome.  This homemade tiramisu was beyond great.  The strawberries topped it off, it tasted even better than it looks!
I know many of the people who read don't live in the Dallas area, but if you have any of your favorite "hole-in-the-wall" restaurants please fill me in, I'd love to try them!

As this is posted, I'm on my way to Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.  It's my brother's final college hockey season, and I'm meeting my Mom there to see him play one last time for the Big Green!  It's going to be a nice weekend full of family, hockey, and cold weather (not looking forward to that.)  Go Ev :)  

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