Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where's My Phone?

A couple of days ago I left my phone, and my computer, at C's house.  I was constantly reaching out to check my phone, but nothing was there.  Major let down!  The main issue was that day I actually had to leave the office to go on a field trip, to somewhere I'd never been.  I was going to go home for lunch, then take off on the work field trip.  When I got home I realized I didn't google where this place was, didn't have a computer to look, or my phone GPS.  Safe to say, I was a little panicked!
I actually had to use a paper map. Yes, they still exist. My Grandpa continues to give me maps from AAA whenever I move somewhere new, thankfully!  Bad news was, the place I had to go was off the map. So, I stopped at a gas station to ask where I was, and where I had to go.  The guy was very nice and helped me out a lot!  It was just such a strange feeling, no technology. I was the stereotypical generation X and felt lost - literally.
One of my favorite vacation spots the last couple of summers has been Door County, Wisconsin.  It's on a peninsula at the very northern part of Wisconsin.  I've come to really enjoy going there for a few reasons.  One, it's absolutely beautiful, as you can see from the above pictures.  The other reason is it's off the beaten path.  My cell phone doesn't work the best, and the whole area takes you back to a simpler time.  There are no chain stores, restaurants, or hotels, there are no high-rise buildings.  It's a great escape from city life.
My favorite place to eat is Fred and Fuzzy's.  It has great food, and the best location.  It's in the middle of the woods, and the seating area looks out over the Bay of Green Bay.  As you can see in the above pictures, trees surround you as you wait for a table, and eat.  It's simple, and that's what makes it great. 
The only part of the restaurant that has a roof is the kitchen.  Yes, that picture is the kitchen.  It's a very relaxing place; they always have new and creative drinks.  The food is awesome, and you'll leave very full.  The best part though is that it's just you, plastic table and chairs, friends and family, and nature. The sunsets are beautiful, the air is refreshing, and your cell phone doesn't have service.
Sometimes it's nice not have your cell phone, laptop, ipod, and whatever else around you.  It's important to take some time for yourself, go out, and explore.  There are so many beautiful places to see, pictures and google earth don't even begin to compare to really being there!  It can make you realize everything and everyone you need is already around you, even as you're going through withdrawals on checking facebook.
Dallas is the largest city I've ever lived in.  It's huge compared to where I came from; Bessemer MI's population was 1,270 (as of 2000 census.)  Now especially, I long for the non-city landscape, which I never thought I would say, but it's true.  I'll have to settle on these places for vacation, but that will make me appreciate it more :)

If you're interested in visiting Door County, here's a website full of information.  It's a trek to get there, but very worth it! Door County, Wisconsin

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  1. You forgot to tell about the best choclate cake in the world!!! Next time there you should ask for the recipe and blog it!!! I Will make it immediatly hihi!!! Xox Rinath